Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Here Are Some Photos Of Dudleys Jeep Stuck ...

up on the side, towards the top of one of the two smaller unnamed mountains to the southwest of Kickapoo Mountain in East Texas. I had been doing a lot of hill climbing that day and had gone up and down both of the smaller mountains in my 1983 Jeep CJ-5. It was great fun and the view from up on top was spectacular. I made a mental error and on the way down, I came to a Y in the road and took the wrong side by mistake. I quickly discovered my mistake but before I could do anything, I found the Jeep was high centered and was not going anywhere. So I had to hike down the hill and I don't remember how but I called for help. Dudleys wifes younger brother was friends with a guy that worked for the local Ford dealer. It was a Sunday afternoon but he went and got the dealerships four wheel drive wrecker and drove up to the top of the mountain and winched my Jeep off the high center and back up on top. I thanked him profusely, he refused any money. He did not refuse the cold six pack of beer I bought him later that day in town. I really enjoyed hill climbing in the Jeep. You could put that Jeep in low range and first and second gear and go up just about any hill you could find no matter how steep. I remember the first time I took my older sister four wheeling up this mountain. As the mountain came into view she stated that it did not look that steep. You should have seen her holding on to the grab bar for deer life as we hit the side of the mountain and started to climb up at a sharp angle. She changed her tune after that and had a greater appreciation for hill climbing in the Jeep. Those were the days.

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